2017, You Were Amazing

2017, You Were Amazing

Feb 04, 2018 No Comment

I know it’s already the first week of February and it seems like too late to write a post like this but I just cannot get over how amazing 2017 was for me.

Let us make a timeline on what I am grateful for the year o-17!


  • Spent the New Years with my husband (then boyfriend) and had an amazing time. He was my “first kiss” for that year
  • My mom gave me a huge present – a brand new premium Montero Sport 2017 vehicle


  • I found out on the day of my birthday that I was pregnant


  • My husband emigrated from the Netherlands to the Philippines
  • We finally moved in together and look forward to spending our year as an engaged couple
  • Announced to the whole world that we were pregnant

April – May

  • My best friend and her family visited P and I in Dingalan
  • A number of group tours in Dingalan


  • We finally moved out from Dingalan and moved to our beautiful home in Subic Bay


  • We decided to get married earlier than planned!


  • Got married surrounded by our close Subic family
  • Had our baby shower in Manila surrounded by our close Subic and Manila family
  • P got hired for a new job!


  • More International bookings and tours coming in for my business
  • Gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby girl named Adriana Luna


  • Luna’s new baby cousin is born – he is named Senn
  • Going through serious adjustments with our baby girl


  • Finally met one of my sister-in-laws and her boyfriend
  • Did my second international group tour work – this time in Taipei, Taiwan


  • Luna’s first Christmas
  • P got a huge promotion and career oppurtunity
  • Hosted our “Shugang Christmas Party” and thought was the greatest party yet!


2018 has just started, well at least a little bit more than a month ago but so far it is as exciting as last year.

Always be obsessively grateful. 


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