Early 20’s, Pregnant, and?
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Early 20’s, Pregnant, and?

May 19, 2017 1 Comment

“Eww! I have stretch marks all over my belly and upper thighs.” I moaned.

Just about 20 minutes ago, P, my fiancé, and I were talking about what to do next with our freelancing/entrepreneur life. We found ourselves talking seriously in one of our favorite spots in the house: the bathroom. Don’t ask me why, but we seem to frequently go to this area.

He said, “Start blogging again. This may help you get your mojo back.”

I have my doubts going back to blogging. Wandering thoughts whether I can still write or not. I haven’t read books or proper articles in a long time, my grammar has a serious problem, and I just feel, ‘Meh. I’m lazy.’

But what the heck? It’s not wrong to try something new, OR, continue what was once a passion of mine.

Years and years of immature, youthful years ago, I had a fashion blog called – The Little Big Spender! Yup, you guessed it 😉

I started that blog I think around on my first years of college or when I was about Grade 11 – 12. It was purely about me spending money, exceeding my credit card limits, fashion, food, friends, my relationships, etc.


Front Row during Philippine Fashion Week

I am not going into detail on what happened in between from then and now. You’d probably run away from me.

I am currently residing in the Philippines with my fiancé. We have our business together which is Bella Vita Trips. We are a travel and tours company. In regards of tour operations, we are currently operating in Dingalan, Aurora (5 hours away from Manila, 3.5 hours away from Subic Bay).


Viewpoint, Dingalan, Aurora


Umiray, Dingalan, Aurora

LaktasLaktas Falls, Ibona, Dingalan, Aurora

Nice, isn’t? If you haven’t been here and would want a seamless travel – I strongly suggest to book with us. We will surely take care of you and all of your other travel needs.

Also, P and I are expecting our first baby – GIRL or BOY? Ha! We will reveal soon.


Back in March. Our baby now is bigger and more monstrous. Roar!

I guess I am already keeping you long here, huh? P was just hovering behind me looking at what I am writing. I think he’d be a good manager of mine.

Oh god, I am really loving our family.

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