5 Reasons Why I Love Bollywood Movies
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5 Reasons Why I Love Bollywood Movies

May 26, 2017 No Comment

Yes it’s true. I love watching Indian movies, and I prefer them than watching Filipino mainstream movies. Don’t get me wrong though, I have mad respect for Filipino Indie movies and they are really good.

Why Indian? You must be thinking why I shouldn’t be like the others watching films from: Korea, Japan, Spain, Italy, France, Hong Kong and China. Don’t worry, I watch them too.

So you might be getting a little bit curious now how I ended up loving Indian movies?

  1. Culture, Colors, and the Food

India has a very rich culture, and they have their very own identity. They may have colonized by the Brits during 1850’s but luckily they have preserved everything; from religion, language, to food and customs – India has it all!

  • Food

If you have been in my life for so long, there is a high chance that you know how much I love Indian food. From chicken and fish dishes, chai teas, biryanis and more; I make sure to get all of those cravings fixed at New Bombay Restaurant. Funny though, Indians must love to eat (wait, who doesn’t?), almost every movie you see a part where they really cherish the art of cooking, and the art of eating as well. My favorite part? When they eat with their hands, and devour it as if it was the last meal they will have.

  • Colors

Most top Bollywood movies nowadays have such good cinematography. I love how they truly prioritize the color scheme of their films per mood & per theme.

2. Traditional and Contemporary Indian Fashion

Whenever I see the women wearing all these type of clothes whether it is casual or formal – I just want to wear them so bad! I seriously wouldn’t mind wearing it almost everyday as long as it does not offend their culture. I really find it so beautiful, I’ve already been dreaming my bridal wear!

3. Storylines

Most Indian movies revolves on a storyline of – Getting Married. After watching years of Bollywood movies, I’m not surprised anymore whenever I see a wedding scene at almost every movie. However, they are already also producing good crime related movies.

4. Weddings, weddings and weddings

Like what I’ve mentioned before, weddings are very important in their culture. The effort of families making a wedding happen is just outstanding. There are some cases where “dowry” is still applied, for all I know, dowries are illegal already. (Please correct me if I am wrong.) Gee, I’d never imagine myself giving my fiancé’s family such demands. Plus, if they didn’t like what you will give them, they can cancel the wedding last minute!

As for arranged marriages, this is something I respect, not because I’m pro to it, but because it is part of their culture. This does not apply to all people. I am happy to know that love marriages are widely accepted nowadays.

5. Music

If you know me well, you’d know I have a rad music taste unlike my partner who is into these mainstream music (which I’m always forced to listen to). I do have a secret “BLLYWD” playlist that I frequently listen to. Here are my top songs:

Aye Sinamika – A.R. Rahman & Karthik 

(One of the best Tamilian songs I’ve ever listened to! Always getting butterflies in my tummy whenever I listen with P)

Tum Tak – A.R. Rahman, Javed Ali, Kirti Sagathia, Pooja AV

(Whenever I listen to this song, I always feel so beautiful. Reminds me of when I was traveling in Europe. This scene in the movie is good, Sonam Kapoor is beautiful!)

Masat Magan – Mustafa Rafi & Eva Singh

(This beautiful song was playing in 2 States’ wedding scene. I’d love this song to play on mine too! Really love these two leading actors in this movie)

 Bahara – Vishal-Shekhar, Shreya Ghostal, Sona Mohapatra

(Light and feel good song. Again, loved Sonam in this movie!)

 Raanjhanaa – A.R. Rahman, Jaswinder Singh, Shiraz Uppal

(Another song that you’d love to wake up and dance to in the morning! A song for people who are definitely falling in love)

Main Rang Sharbaton Ka – Astif Aslam, Chinmayi, Pritam

(Also another feel good song, this song was used on my friend’s wedding video – fell in love with it right away!)

All of these songs are available on Spotify, I do recommend to watch the movies associated with these songs although I haven’t watched Phata Poster Nikhla Hero, I’m not sure if I can recommend it.

I also haven’t seen much 2016 – 2017 Bollywood movies, any recommendations? As for music, any tips on where else I can find good music similar to my taste?

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