A Magnum Surprise

A Magnum Surprise

May 31, 2017 2 Comments

Who would have thought that I’d actually fall in love with ice cream? In my twenty-something existence in this world, I only liked one type of ice cream – authentic Italian gelato.

I was feeling a bit down today due to stress reasons. Happy though that our little baby kept moving inside my belly. It feels so good to know that our kleine offspring is alive, kicking, breathing, patiently waiting to come out in a few months. It feels so good to know that the little one is sleeping his/her days and nights away, growing and growing and growing.

I went inside the bank to pick-up a document I needed. I told P to wait outside as this will take for only 2 minutes. When I got out, he immediately took the envelope I was holding, and switched it to my purse. “Someone was calling I think.” he said. I opened the bag as fast as I can (in case it was a client), and there I saw that freaking Magnum Red Velvet ice cream.

I never thought I could like a Magnum ice cream so much. I’ve never liked their classic flavors nor any of their flavors until I had this. The white chocolate that coats the whole thing is the best white chocolate I’ve ever tasted in an ice cream. It reminds me of those white chocolate popsicles you buy on Valentines Day. And the Red Velvet cream inside? Wow. Super lekker. The best part for me? To see P happily watching me eat this damn guilty pleasure.

My lover, thank you so much for cheering me up today. I know you’re not just doing it for me, but also for your little booger. We love you both very much. As in very much!

What I worry though sometimes how it goes with the little one whenever I feel upset. It’s been difficult for me the past days, there’s just too much going on around me when things should be just as it is. How can I control myself when I’m very angry? How can I be patient? What should I do when I feel hurt? How can I assure that everything is okay with you my little one?

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  1. Maybe I wasn’t really lucky with the man I used to be with, the father of my 2-year old. When I was pregnant, we fought all the time. I was mad, crying every now and then. I think it’s normal for pregnant women to feel depressed and sad, moody all the time, and the cravings! It just depends on how your partner is going to react/handle everything. Communication is the key. Tell him how you feel, why you’re angry. So that he’d know where to stand during your tantrums. 😀 After all, it’s just always be the two of you (and the baby). 🙂

    1. thelittlebigspender

      I’d have to agree with you. He is so used to it. Often I do tantrums in restaurants where my preferred meal is not available. Hoping you your baby are doing well!

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