De Ruijter Loves Luna: A Dutch Tradition
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De Ruijter Loves Luna: A Dutch Tradition

Oct 28, 2017 5 Comments

Six years ago I made a blog post about a certain Dutch product – De Ruijter‘s “Hagelslag”. Fast forward to this date my first daughter just turned one month two days ago and here we are with big smiles because we received a surprise package from such a great company.

Anything De Ruijter I am crazy about; I know there are several brands that also produce hagelslag but I am extremely loyal to them. When my husband was still based in the Netherlands, I’d always tell him to get hagelslag, vlokken, etc. and I make sure that he only gets De Ruijter and nothing else.

Why? Because it is so damn good. From the taste to the branding, it is simply sophisticated.

A few weeks before we gave birth to Luna, my husband thought of getting customised muisjes so we can celebrate Luna being born, Dutch style, with our family and friends here in the Philippines. We do want to share them how the Dutch celebrate such a beautiful and pink-ish event. The reason why I was also keen in reaching out to De Ruijter is because I want to share to my followers my husband’s culture.

Our request was entertained by a nice lady named Mina. She was very enthusiastic and sweet to assist us in her busy schedule. This already tells us how De Ruijter values their customers.

We have explained to her that we were pregnant to our half-Dutch baby and we would like to have customized De Ruijter muisjes since we cannot get them here in the Philippines, and just like that our wishes came true.

Honestly, we did not really expect that we will receive it because it seemed like our communication with Mina stopped. Then on October 26, our friendly postman told me that there was a package waiting for me.

De Ruijter Muisjes

The moment I saw Heinz’ logo, I just knew that it was from De Ruijter.

De Ruijter Muisjes

The package contained two boxes of muisjes and two pink envelopes with the printed customized covers. I, however, cannot post the photo with the pink envelopes because I am afraid that there are personal address information of the employee.

De Ruijter Muisjes

De Ruijter Muisjes

De Ruijter Muisjes

De Ruijter Muisjes

We are just forever grateful and so happy that De Ruijter granted our wish for our little Luna. By the way if you are curious what muisjes taste like… they are sugar coated aniseeds. At first I doubted as I have always been used to chocolate and milk flavours, but aniseeds??? Then I took my first bite, and I simply loved it! We suggest eating it with Dutch beschuit and your favorite butter (we used Queensland butter).

So this is how we celebrate the arrival of the new baby! How about in your country? We would love to know!

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  1. Wow those look amazing and what a fun way to celebrate a baby! Congratulations!

  2. Ohhh my husband is going on a business trip to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks and I will tell him to bring me some packages of De Ruijter! And those delicious honey waffles from
    Holland…soo good. What do we call them again?

  3. Keenie-My Beckett List

    Aw I love how you are keeping your husband’s heritage alive in your family traditions! We live in the US,but my family is very Irish and we tried to incorporate that into our wedding day! It was really special. Not sure about welcoming a baby traditions though!

  4. Oh I love this! and they look so delish! Congrats on your bundle of joy!

  5. looks yummy! I never heard of aniseeds before, but I’m wondering if amazon sells these lol!

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