From Fashion to Tourism: How I Changed My Life
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From Fashion to Tourism: How I Changed My Life

May 26, 2017 1 Comment

“Woah, I think this is pretty deep.” I replied to P.

A few weeks back I asked what else I can share to our readers as a start for our blog. I don’t want to start serious right away, I wanted something light and fun for readers to be engaged and have a sense of “would-like-to-come-back-for-more” feeling with our well thought stories. “I think it’s nice if you share your life now to them. Leaving the big city for a smaller unknown town for a girl like you.”

‘That is definitely something personal’ I thought to myself.  “It’s now always rainbows and butterflies, yeah? Are you sure you want me to talk about this?” With no hesitations he said, “Yes!”

Gulp! Okay. Where should I start? I resigned my first corporate job at a very huge company covering Philippines and China. It was a job in fashion, and a managerial position as well. I think I lasted about 3 months only. For a talkative and friendly person like me, I felt that I did not fit in their environment. I started to become an introvert. I didn’t get a long with my direct colleagues in my department. Sadly, maybe indeed I was just in the wrong department.

A few weeks after my resignation, P and I decided to think about enrolling myself for Master’s in Europe. As we wanted to be closer to each other, I decided to enroll in Amsterdam Fashion Institute. However, getting in isn’t that easy; I had to submit a business model presentation, mood board inspiration project, and an interview. Luckily, I passed them all and they welcomed me into their institute. However, there was still the diploma evaluation that I have to go through and this just ruined all of our plans. Our four (4) year diploma is equivalent to two (2) years for them, this meant that I had to take another 2 years of bachelor’s program again to obtain this. I have easily given up, and moved back home to Subic again.



Looking for a new job isn’t easy, especially in the fashion Industry, most people rely on connections in able to get in, but harder to survive. I seriously did not know what to do. I wanted to go back to Italy instead, and have contacted friends and professor there to help me find a paid internship. Still no luck, though.

A month after or so, my mom’s friend talked to me about a small town in Aurora that needs to be developed. She says that it is a beautiful place for tourism. I never thought about working in tourism before, but I do love traveling. So I took the opportunity that very day, and started to change my life around.

The first time I went to Dingalan, I thought that it was such a simple small town. It didn’t have a lot of things to go to, there were no restaurants, supermarkets, etc. it did have one thing: the ocean. I thought that I could live here, start my own business, and make it grow on my own.

Once the business started to operate, we had a slow start. Not a lot of people knew about Dingalan, not a lot of people would shed money and time to come here. Two to three months have passed, we started to become something. It isn’t easy to operate your own business in a place like with interruptions such as: unstable electricity, limited supplies, no banks, and no reliable internet provider may be a hinder to run your business smoothly. Power cuts most of the time alone can make us lose profits, and slowly kill our electrical appliances.

We started living simple. As much as possible I did not wear make-up for months, P and I’s food budget per day is only about Php 200.00 – 300.00 which helps us to save so much money (and make-up) whenever were in the city. I don’t miss a lot of things other than my family and friends. I do, however, miss good pizza!

Do I ever miss wearing my beautiful clothes? Oh yes, I do! But I don’t miss them so much as I can wear them whenever I’m in town or so. Most of them don’t currently fit me as I have a little baby growing inside me, it will take a few months more in able for me to get into those tight dresses I have. Do I ever miss shopping? Not really, I do still like buying make-up that I need. I’d probably get obsessed buying baby stuff soon enough. Will you ever get back to the life you were used to live in? For our baby, we would love to. P and I grew up in comfortable living situations, where we didn’t worry of basic necessities like electricity. Our baby must live well. 

It wasn’t a hard transition from living fab to where we are now. We just had to take things down a notch. Soon enough we will get back on track again, very soon.

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  1. Wow! Such a huge change! You’re living the life though. Being able to live out your passion is big. I wish you continued success and a healthy happy pregnancy 😊

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