Hello Plijters, how are you?
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Hello Plijters, how are you?

Apr 09, 2018 No Comment

It’s been 6 months since we had Luna, and so far it has been a great ride. And you, how are you?

At 6 months old Luna is so smart and active. She babbles a lot, and loves to play a lot. She is a good night sleeper too.

The husband has been doing great with his job. Did I tell you that he got a great promotion? I am damn proud of him. He’s just on the right path of his life.

And me? I am definitely more content and happy with my life. Maybe I need to shed a few pounds, but other than that, I am beyond happy. Work is great too, I’ve been working on making memorable travels for my clients! Which I’m very happy and proud of.

Plijter Family

Plijter Family last January 2018

We really need to make more pictures of three of us, haha.

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