How To Apply for a Netherlands Schengen Visa: ‘I got it in less than 7 days!’

How To Apply for a Netherlands Schengen Visa: ‘I got it in less than 7 days!’

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Good news everyone, I got my Netherlands Schengen Visa, and proud to say that I am going back to visit Holland again, this time with my husband and baby! It’s been such exciting times since we got my visa, and we can’t wait to meet the rest of my husband’s family and friends (and some of my friends too), and of course see more of the country.

What I got is a 90-day multiple entry visa, and we are beyond grateful as we only asked for 17 days! Why 17 days? My husband and his colleagues will be there for meetings, and for a specialty coffee expo event as well.

So, ‘How did you do it Inna?’

First you have to choose which fits you best, either a tourist or visiting family or friends. I am both of them, but since I am married to a Dutch and a baby who is a Dutch (and Filipino) with us having a family living in the Netherlands, we decided to go for the latter.

Link for Visiting or Friends Visa Requirements  and link for Tourist Visa Requirements  

Then, start preparing your documents. There will be a checklist that you must download and print, and in that checklist you must have all of them as much as possible. In this case, it is best to give more and extra documents than to lack. We will talk about more of the requirements in just a sec.

Second, get yourself an appointment in either VFS or the Netherlands Embassy. I chose to be in the Netherlands Embassy because I can have my family to support me. If you have a Dutch husband and child, you cannot bring them inside VFS. The thing I love about the embassy that most of the people working there are very friendly and accommodating.

Let’s talk about the requirements, shall we?

My number one tip for you is to be honest. When you are applying for a tourist visa, you gotta be a tourist. Don’t fool us and most of of all don’t fool them. If you have other intentions, do it legally.

Second, it is important for them to see that you have traveled a lot as well. Before going straight to Europe, why not explore Asia first? or South America? Try to collect stamps as much as possible, and visas from other OECD countries (like Japan and South Korea).

Third, ‘Make travel reservations which you can cancel’ and we cannot emphasise that more. Don’t think just because you can afford a ticket to Europe makes you eligible to to get a visa. If you’d get denied (let’s knock on wood that you won’t), you’d waste a huge amount of money for a ticket you won’t be able to use.

Fourth, if you are a visiting your in-laws or friends, you have to kindly ask them to fill up a form of sponsorship, if you will be staying at their place. They would have to bring this document to the municipality or gemeente (where they are registeredto get this signed and stamped. Also, they have to send this original document to you as the embassy needs all requirements to be submitted (original and with photocopies). Don’t worry, original documents will be given back to you.

Fifth, you have to prove that you have something to go back to. We think that this is quite important in all visa applications. If you are employed, submit Certification of Employement, and Leave of Absence documents. If you are businessman/woman, you must submit all business documents: DTI, Certificate of Registration (BIR 2303), and Mayor’s Permit. Do not forget to submit your recent ITR as well to give you an extra chance of getting your visa.

Sixth, FINANCIAL STATEMENTS. This is very important, friends. You have to submit a Bank Certificate and Bank Statements for the past 3 months. I got bank accounts from two different banks. I have one account in this specific bank for my business account, and several personal accounts and a business account in this other bank.

In some banks, getting the bank certificate and statements can take 20-30 minutes while the others can take a week, so please be prepared. Please also know that the amount of your money in your account matters. The ADB (average daily balance) matters a lot too. It is important for the embassy that you can support this trip.

Additional requirements that we submitted are of my husband’s. Since I will be traveling with him, and will also sponsor my trip we submitted the following:

  • A form that he will be sponsoring me (please kindly request this from the embassy via e-mail or the phone). The reason why this is not online (I think) because our case is special. He lives with me, and he works in the Philippines.
  • His Certification of Employment, and a letter from the company explaining why we are traveling to the Netherlands with him.
  • His 3 most recent payslips
  • His passport photocopy, and a copy of his visas and ID’s to show proof that he is indeed legally working and living in the Philippines

Last, you must submit a travel/health insurance at least EUR 30.000 (30,000)

Additional requirements I submitted are: my birth certificate, our marriage contract, and Luna’s birth certificate. All three documents must be authenticated (red ribbon) by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

I also submitted some of my confirmed reservations for my upcoming tours in the Netherlands.

‘So, that’s it?’

Yes, that’s it indeed! I wish you the best of luck, and in any case you will need my professional assistance, you may reach me out at: 

I look forward in serving you!



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