My Flying Dutch Man

My Flying Dutch Man

May 19, 2017 No Comment

I’ve never dated a man before that is more photogenic than I am. I am not sure if this a good thing or a bad thing, but my fiancé is indeed photogenic and so beautiful in real life. I do sometimes catch him picking his nose or scratching his butt, but damn, he looks so cute doing them so. I can go on and on how cute his butt is, how he slightly opens his mouth when he sleeps and still looks like a prince charming, and how he can take my breath away when he smiles and laugh at my stupid jokes and antics.


How did he and I meet? Ask him. He knows it better than I do 😉

A few months after I came back from my trip to Europe (I studied for a bit in Istituto Marangoni Milan), we connected again and followed me back to the Philippines. He wanted to meet my mother right away. “What a weirdo!” I thought. I was still skeptical about him, but then I guess he did went all the way here for me… Then again, it wasn’t the first time a man has flown here for me. ( “What the?!” – P)

He has flown to Asia to see me for five (5) times and that last time was the time he finally moved here to be with me.

‘Damn!’ I thought, ‘This guy really loves me.’

We got secretly engaged September last year. I couldn’t explain how it happened because I have no pictures when he was actually doing it. I remember we were in Umiray Beach, and was just standing and looking for unique rocks. He called me to go to him and hugged me. He kneeled down and asked my hand for marriage. He did not have a ring at that time (This is why we decided to keep it mum, as he did not want to embarrass himself).

Fast word to December, we spent Christmas and New Years with my family and friends. We finally decided that it is finally time to be together. But where?

We both decided to be in the Philippines. We have a business here, and we want to keep this business and make it grow. “This is our baby!” we thought.

We are a good couple. He thinks we’re more than good, GREAT even! We work well, I as the creative, and he as the mastermind of the business. We are together 24/7, and we hate being apart from each other. A day apart is too much for us already, we just have to be together to fully function. But do understand, when we’re together, we always have the most fun.

Now that we are getting married soon, and meeting our little – PRINCE or PRINCESS? in a couple of months away; our relationship has been stronger, and our bond has been very positive.

He can be such a loser and a nerd at times. But that’s what I love about him.

Any cute love stories to share? Tell them through our comments, and we would love to read them!

P.S. We both can be nosy, we love to know everything. Haha!

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