Pregnancy Superstitions & I
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Pregnancy Superstitions & I

May 26, 2017 No Comment

Growing up as a Filipino, superstitions are part of our daily lives. Have you ever dodged a black cat before? I have. Black cats are considered as bad luck. I, however, beg to differ as I have friends living with these cute furry felines and they are indeed not cursed. Have you heard about not being allowed to clean up the table while someone else is still eating? Haha, yes, if you do this that person eating will stay single for the rest of his/her life. I am guilty about this though, because I definitely not clean up the table after I eat while someone else is still eating; but for me this is just to respect the person still eating, and not wanting them to feel that they have to hurry up.

Of course, our beloved ancestors will not miss out on making superstitions on pregnant women. I’ve heard and read several beliefs already, and have been too damn gullible to believe them all. This is just to avoid unwanted scenarios for the baby and I. Better be safe than sorry right?


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  1. “Don’t go to a wake or funeral! This is bad luck for the baby inside your womb!” – I’ve heard stories from women all over the world, and a huge percentage believe on this certain superstition. Some say that the dead will get into the body of the unborn child, and some say that you have a high chance of miscarriage. Several women have shared their stories on losing their precious babies after attending such event.
  2. “Eat whatever you crave for! If you don’t, then you will a have a high chance of miscarriage.” – I don’t understand why they make beliefs that stress out people. So, as a person who believes in better be safe than sorry, I eat whatever I want, though babies inside the womb’s taste buds only develop by Week 21 . Funny thing is, during the early parts of our pregnancy, I only craved for food what my fiancé usually eats back in his country. We both laughed and agreed that indeed the baby is definitely Dutch!
  3. What is the English word for paglilihi? BFF Tiffany and I have asked this question to each other during my early weeks. Some say it’s meaning is equivalent to “pregnancy sickness”, some say “more of a craving” but what does it really mean? They say, if you started paglilihi to a certain person or any attractive object, then your baby will look similar to it. If you started looking at not so attractive people and objects, then well, your baby will turn out to be similar to that.
  4. “Don’t announce it to the world til’ you are three months pregnant!” I think a huge percentage of people believe on this one since anything can happen on the first three months of pregnancy. You just want to make sure that everything is good and well with you and your baby to avoid disappointments and bearing the bad news to friends and family if anything happens.
  5. “Don’t buy baby items until you are 6 months of pregnancy!” – my mom shared me this one. So until today, P and I have not bought anything for the baby at all. However, I was told that my mom and my sisters have secretly bought baby items already. And of course, P’s family, have bought gifts already for incoming poop bomber.


Do you have any superstitions to add? We would like to know! We know that there are different superstitions all over the world, and would be nice to know more!

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