Shopping with Make Up Pro (MUP)

Shopping with Make Up Pro (MUP)

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Hey beauty junkies! I know that this is the most awaited review of the most favorite and most credible source of anything beauty. See, I listen to your requests!

I was in dire need of a new set of Beauty Blenders, beauty blender cleanser, and a primer. As always, I have looked into several websites, and MUP carries the lowest price of Beauty Blenders. I also wanted to try another primer, and I chose The Ordinary’s High-Adherence Silicon Primer. There are not much reviews on this from famous beauty influencers, but I’ve seen real people reviewing them so I gave it a try.

According to their website, MUP started 2010 through Facebook and grew until they opened their own e-commerce website, and three physical stores located in Makati City, Quezon City, and Los Angeles, California. As you can see, MUP is one of the most successful beauty products stores in the Philippines.

MUP can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

Shopping with Make Up Pro

What Did I Buy?

  • Two (2) Beauty Blender PRO
  • Beauty Blender Liquid BlenderCleanser
  • The Ordinary High Adherence Silicon Primer

How Did I Buy?

  1. Make a MUP account
  2. Choose the products you want to buy
  3. For every product you want to buy, click ADD TO CART
  4. If you are done choosing items, click SHOPPING CART and PROCEED TO CHECKOUT
  5. Then you will be reverted to a page for CUSTOMER INFORMATION, SHIPPING METHOD and PAYMENT METHOD (Paypal, BDO, and BPI Bank Deposits)
  6.  Send PROOF OF PAYMENT to the e-mail address they will be using to send you a confirmation of your order
  7. And you are done! You just have to go back to your daily life and wait for your package to arrive. Shipping usually takes 1-2 business days.

Experience Review


  • Authentic products (proven and tested by me)
  • Prices can be cheaper compared to the ones in stores
  • Paypal friendly
  • Items are not damaged, thanks to their very secured packaging
  • No need to pay customs, they deliver straight to your home
  • They ship worldwide
  • They reply fast through e-mail
  • They have their own physical stores for us to enjoy and experience
  • They update you with the tracking number of  your order
  • They carry hard to find products


  • My only problem with MUP is that they tend to really sell some items way higher than the other stores. Some told me that they do this with highly coveted products, and I understand so please do what you have to do. Business is business.

Will I Buy From Them Again?

Of course. MUP is the very first make-up online store I fell in love with here in the Philippines, I have transacted with them for 10 times already and never once they have failed me. The ladies I have met in their physical stores are very accommodating and helpful.

Shopping with Make Up Pro

Did You Like The Product?

I’ll always love BeautyBlender merchandises. The BleanderCleanser is indeed a life saver, it really cleans your favorite blenders even with a small amount of product!

The Ordinary’s High-Adherence Silicone Primer is actually good for it’s price. It is only 30mL per bottle, but it does it’s magic! I’d definitely buy this again and again along with NARS’ Pore & Shine Control Primer.

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