Shopping with Sephora Philippines

Shopping with Sephora Philippines

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Hey beauty junkies! Did you know that one of my frustrations living in the Philippines is that there is no Sephora to shop to here? And I am 100% sure that I am definitely not alone in that! Sure we do have Rustan’s and several department stores, but we are definitely missing out on various brands Sephora carries.

Luckily, we have several online stores here that sell the brands that we all lust for, but there are still some basic items from specific brands that we are looking for; also availability is a main problem from these online stores, but I love them anyway!

So one day when I was in Dingalan, I realised that I needed to find the perfect eyeliner for me. I did not want gel nor liquid, I wanted either the “pen” type or the pencil ones because they are easier for me to apply. MAC eyeliners did not work for me, I had Revlon for a couple of years ago but I don’t think I’d buy it again, and I have a Nature Republic Brush Eyeliner that I really love. For sure I won’t spend eyeliner from NARS as it is way over the budget for a make-up item that I won’t use a lot. I also even contacted a famous Indian make-up guru knowingly Indians go gaga over eyeliners.

I started going to the websites of my trusted online stores in the Philippines, and surprisingly, I did not see a single black eyeliner that is available. Then I remembered that there’s Sephora Philippines which is an online store (good.), accepts credit card payments (always good).

Sephora Philippines

Of course Sephora does not fail, they have all the basic make-up products that I need from A-Z. In terms of brands, they’re still not carrying most of the coveted brands (Kat Von D will be in it soon by the way!), which was okay for me. I saw that they have Zoeva, a cosmetics brand from Germany. The first time I had Zoeva was when my fiancé got brushes for me from there, and to my surprise they are very good. So, I decided to try their cosmetic products this time.

What Did I Buy?

  • Zoeva Graphic Eyes+ Black to Earth (Black Eyeliner)
  • Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix Matte Long Wear (Eye Primer)
  • Three (3) Sephora Express Cleansing Wipes (Make-up Remover Wipes, they are on SALE!)


Zoeva Sephora Philippines

How Did I Buy?

  1. Make a Sephora Philippines Account
  2. Choose the products you want to buy
  3. For every product that you want to buy, click ADD TO BAG
  4. If you are done shopping, click SECURE CHECKOUT (oh what I love about Sephora Philippines, they automatically put in freebies for you!)
  5. Choose payment method – Paypal, Dragon Pay, Credit Card
  6. And you are all done! You just have to sit and wait for your package to arrive which usually takes 5 working days.

Zoeva Sephora Philippines

Experience Review



  • Easy to navigate
  • Freebies
  • Prices are affordable (thank you for not selling them for a high price)
  • Paypal and Credit Card friendly
  • Items are not damaged thanks to their secure packaging
  • No need to pay customs, they deliver straight to your home
  • Package Tracker is accurate



  • Not enough popular brands such as Urban Decay and Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • They are based in Singapore, this is not really bad, but it takes time to deliver


Sephora Philippines

Will I buy from them again?

Definitely yes! So please Sephora Philippines, do get in touch with those brands and just give it to us. I don’t want to pay double the price anymore on make-up products!


What Do I Miss?

Oh man, I do miss Sephora’s physical stores. The very first store I went to was in Milan, and I had to craziest time there. I bought so much, I preferred buying make-up than clothes. Also, from what I know Sephora’s physical store is now closed in the Netherlands, as what my fiancé always say, online shopping is just the in thing now.

Any Sephora experiences would you like to share? What do you like and not like about Sephora? Let us know!

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