Shopping with Skin Care MNL

Shopping with Skin Care MNL

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Ever since we had Luna we’ve been losing so much sleep, and maybe a little bit of weight. Sleep is one of my top beauty regimens, and since I am not going to have good long night of sleeps for a while, I need to find an alternative to be on top of my skin game. One of the things that are sent from heaven is when my Korean friend came by to visit us with masks from Korea. Boy, I really needed that. Other than that, I’ve started also to look for nice skin products other than the The Ordinary. I mean, I know the Ordinary is good, and for sure I will buy some, but I wanted to try other brands as well.

I opted for Glossier. A lot of my friends are raving about it. A lot of women all over the world are raving about it. So why not try it?

So as always, I went to that one place where I can always rely on for reviews… Youtube. And of course, I watched a number of videos to find out the best Glossier products that I can buy. Glossier products are more expensive than The Ordinary, so I really have to be smart in choosing the right products for me. So what I’ve discovered that Glossier masks are one of the top products that people rave about along with the serums. However, the serums are just a bit small for my liking, but then again, how much do you really need it on your face? maybe I can try in the near future. or sooner.

Anyway, I am already so convinced that I am going to buy one of the masks, all I needed was to find a decent online seller for me to buy from. I’ve been seeing several Instagram accounts selling Glossier, but I am so picky that I had to choose the top. I had talked to a few, but some of them are so slow from replying that I just did not want to buy from them anymore. I did like the person behind glossier_stashph, he/she was nice to respond to my inquiries and was fast too. However, she didn’t have the masks on hand, and I really did not want to wait. But I would really want to buy from them!

Then God has reached through my ‘gram and showed me paid Instagram ads of Glossier products and that is from… Skin Care MNL. As of the moment, they don’t have a huge amount of followers, and it seems like they just started doing business a couple of months ago. I do love the visual presentation they do on their ‘gram, and you can really see that they make an effort on selling their products.

I popped a message asking if they have the masks on hand, they responded that they do, and I was just happy. Their prices are lower compared to the others, which is freaking awesome so I have decided to buy both, however, they do not accept Paypal/Credit Card payments. Bummer.

You all know that is so important for me, right?

Anyway, I had to let it slide for this one because I just need those masks so bad. The transaction with Skin Care MNL was fast. I paid, they shipped. They use Xend, I do not like it. Xend is slow. Xend takes their time to get here in the ~province~. I’m spoiled.

Skin Care MNL can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Shopee.

Glossier Mask Duo

What Did I Buy?

  • Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and Moisturizing Moon Mask

How Did I Buy?

  1. Contact Skin Care MNL through Instagram
  2. Say hello, tell them what you want to buy
  3. Fill out the following requirements (Final Order(s), Name, Address, and Contact Number) that she will be sending you
  4. She will send you her bank details (BDO/BPI)
  6. And you are done! You just have to go back to your daily life and wait for your package to arrive. Shipping usually takes 3 business days to get here in Subic Bay.

Experience Review


  • The product I bought is authentic (proven and checked by me)
  • Items are not damaged, thanks to their secured packaging
  • No need to pay customs, they deliver straight to your home
  • They reply fast through Instagram
  • They will update you with the tracking number of  your order
  • Visual presentation of their products is awesome


  • Not Paypal/Credit Card friendly
  • Not their fault, but XEND can be slow in delivering outside Metro Manila

Will I Buy From Them Again?

Yes, she responds fast and their pricing is incredibly close to the original price of the products. I freaking love that. I just hope at some point they will allow consumers pay with their credit cards, and also a chance to choose courier especially for the ones living outside Metro Manila.

Glossier Mask Duo

Did You Like The Product?

I am aware of how small they are, but what scares me a little bit is how fast I can finish them since Glossier instructed to use a thick amount of product on the face. I just hope I won’t need so much so that it can last long with me. I am genuinely excited to use it tonight though, and I will let you know how it goes!

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