The Birth of The Moon
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The Birth of The Moon

Oct 08, 2017 10 Comments

I gave birth. I finally gave birth to a beautiful daughter weighing 3.26kg and 50cm long. She is Adriana Luna Plijter.

As early as now, I am already practicing on how I will tell the story of me giving birth to my beautiful daughter. I think it is one of the most precious stories a mother can share to her own child. I want to be as random yet prepared as I don’t want to forget to the most important parts.

So let me practice it with you today.



☾ The First Stage

I was a little bit over due when you were still inside my belly. You were growing and growing to an even bigger baby. Your papa and grandma were a little bit worried, but everyday you assured me that you were doing just fine. Your big movements and sudden hiccups kept me sane that you were healthy and strong.

Our doctor instructed us to do several nonstress tests and contraction stress tests. We saw and heard you, and you were doing great! “Such an active baby!”, they all said. I already made friends with the nurses in the labor room, and they were so keen on watching us both. You were about to change our lives so soon.

One last check-up, I was still 1cm, and obviously it isn’t much of a space for you to go through into our arms. My doctor advised that we should prepare to be admitted the next day and will be induced. I didn’t know what to expect but at the same I was very calm. I was calm knowing that you were okay, and that we were going to be okay.

☾ The Second Stage

They laid me down, they attached these various things on my body, I was getting induced. I didn’t feel a single thing, I did not feel any pain at all. We did see the contractions were strong, but your mama is so tough it felt nothing for her. We could see that you were responding well, very well to be exact because the contractions were strong but you were just moving normally as well. You were so tough and brave.

The doctor and the nurses then moved me to another room to get my cervix checked. Still 1cm. It has been decided that I will be getting a c-section, and in just a few hours you were going to be with us. The nurses and doctor prepared me, I didn’t even get the chance to talk to your father. I was a bit sad because I wanted him to be there. Your father was devastated. He wanted to be there with me.

I kindly asked the nice nurses if I could see your father. Luckily, your mama is so charming that they agreed to it. He came in with a hospital gown and a cap on his head. I could see he was tearing up, I could sense he was nervous. I did not want him to see that I was nervous as well or else we both would break down. I showed him that I was tough, and that I was prepared for anything.

I was there lying down waiting for things to happen. The anaesthesiologist arrived and prepped with the nurses. I did not have a clue on what was going to happen. Next thing I knew I had to do fetal positions and they were injecting anesthesia into my spinal (I think). It hurt, a lot. I felt so much pain to the point from me tearing up to breaking down. I was holding myself back, I tried my best to press my lips so hard for me not to sob loudly. I kept thinking in my head that I was doing this for you, and only you. I would do anything for you.

They laid me down, I started vomiting. It wasn’t that bad of a vomit, but probably mama’s acid because she was very hungry. I started to get woozy, then for sure I passed out. I would wake up from time to time, but from what I remember I didn’t exactly know what was happening. (Guys, I was pretty high at this point. Super trippy.)  I didn’t even feel that they were cutting mama, all I felt that I was being moved. I did hear their voices, and that’s all I can remember.

☾ The Third Stage

I didn’t know it was already taking an hour, to me it felt like minutes… then all of a sudden, I hear a loud cry. I saw you being washed! I kept murmuring questions like “how many fingers and toes does she have?” and “Is she okay?”. I also do not remember if they answered me back, but I did remember that they did show you to me, and then rolled you out from the operating room.

Apparently, it took about 2 hours more to stitch me up and get mama’s meat all together again. I remember being rolled down to another room and apparently I was in a place called ‘Recovery Room’. There was a nurse in the same room as me and she looked busy writing. I kept asking questions and at the same time demanding for my husband.

Guys, at this point I was still very very high. 

Then you papa arrived, and I felt so safe and relieved that he is next to me.

The next day, I asked your papa to tell me his part of the story… and this is how it went on his side.

Papa was getting nervous in the labor room because I wasn’t there anymore. He got called by the nurses that I was looking for him. He went inside, held my hand and gave me a sweet kiss. He finally went out the operating room area and met your Nana. Your papa expected that it will be done quickly for an hour or so. He wasn’t advised on anything but he pleaded to the people there to update him as much as possible. The rest of your Nana’s friends came to support us. Your papa was just a bit away and walked by himself as he was already getting nervous. An hour passed, the nurses announced that you were already in NICU and it was possible to show you after getting washed. Your papa then asked about me, but the only thing they can respond was “She’s still in the operation room and cannot give updates.”

Adriana Luna Plijter

That made him so nervous. He had mixed feelings at the time seeing you for the first time as he wanted to have that moment with me. But it was impossible.

Almost two hours passed, my mom called him to go back and said he can go in the recovery room to see me. And it was only him that was allowed to.

You see, your papa is such a fine sweet man. I am so blessed to have so much sweetness in my life. I could not ask for more! I know it is a long story, but it is such an important event in our lives. We love you Lulu, we are so blessed to have you as our child.

“On the day you were born the angels clapped their hands, and the moon danced with the stars.”

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  1. Oh so beautiful! I remember when I gave birth to my son also! That feeling if unexplained happiness! Congratulations! And get plenty of rest coz i know how hard it is to!

  2. This post made me full of emotions! Congratulations on your sweet little one

  3. congratulation, you’ve gone through it successfully, thank you for sharing your story :))

  4. Congratulations on the little one. Babies are so precious. Enjoy all these moments no matter how trying. <3

  5. Jasmin Charlotte

    Aw congratulations! Such a lovely post to share.

  6. Adine @ Average To Awesome

    Congratulations!! And such a lovely name! My birth name is actually also Adriana 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story!

  7. Congratulations. My son is 4 min ha old now 😭. I actually don’t remember much of the pushing part. I think I block d it out. Great birth story.

  8. Such a sweet story! Mine are 6 and almost 2 and it does go as fast as everyone says 🙂 So, love every second….even the stressful ones. They are the best things in the world!

  9. Congratulations! Lovely story! My daughter just turned 3 today. It goes so fast!

  10. Congrats! This brings back some memories for me!!!

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